Answering Your Most Commonly Asked Questions

Having spent so long in the industry, we regularly get asked certain questions. Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions before, during and after projects.

Q – Do the sash windows you supply comply with buildings regulations?

A – All the sash windows and other windows and doors that we supply are fully compliant with Document L Building Regulations. New sash windows, casement windows or doors that fit into existing frames are not required to comply with regulations as such work does not affect the structure of a building. Listed buildings and conservation area properties may be exempt from regulations – your local planning authority will be able to advise you if you are unsure.

Q - Are you able to match the style of the windows I already have?

A – We are perfectly capable of matching the existing design of any sash windows, casement windows or doors that your home already possesses. We are experts at matching modern, energy-efficient production methods with traditional joinery techniques.

Q - What qualifications do you hold and are you members of any professional bodies?

A – We are CERTASS qualified and members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen

Q - I don't want to replace my windows but I need them double-glazed. Can you help?

A – We certainly can! We can replace existing single glazed sashes with new double glazed sashes.

Q - I live in a listed property. Will you be able to double-glaze my windows?

A – If you live in a listed property, then it is unlikely that approval will be granted for double glazing. All work that is proposed to alter a listed building in any way must have local authority approval. Approval has been granted to some Grade II listed buildings in the past, though, using ultra slim 12mm thick double glazed units.

Q - What type of locks do you use with your windows?

A – That depends on the type of window, but generally we use high-security locks that come with independent manufacturer guarantees and which are insurance approved. These come in a variety of finishes that allow you to marry security with a traditional appearance.

Q - Is it better to repair or replace my windows?

A – That depends on your budget. It’s cheaper to repair your windows, but replacement is the better, long-term solution.

Q - Do you supply the scaffolding yourselves?

A – 99% of our work is done from the inside and will not require scaffolding. For the remaining 1% we consider the supply and construction of scaffolding to be a specialist area and therefore it is not within our expertise to do this for you. We can supply the names of scaffolding companies for you, but we do not make any specific recommendations.

Q - Do I need permission to replace my windows if I live in a conservation area?

A – In most cases, if you live in a conservation area and you are replacing your windows with like for like replacements you will not need planning permission, even if you are upgrading from single glazed to double glazed. However, we always recommend that you contact your local council for more information because rules and regulations can vary from street to street.

Q - Are you able to help me with obtaining planning permission?

A – Of course. We have a recommended architect with whom we regularly work and have a good business relationship. If you require planning permission we can refer you to this architect and we will work together to manage everything for you.

Q - Are your prices competitive?

A – We like to think so, although we do provide what we believe to be the very best end-to-end door and widow services on the market, so our prices reflect this.

Q - Do you also decorate the windows you supply?

A – All the replacement windows we supply come fully decorated and are installed as such.

Q - I've heard there are different types of double glazing. Can you explain the difference?

A – The effectiveness and efficiency of some double glazing options is better than others. We’ll be happy to talk you through the best options for your situation.

Q - What types of glass do you use?

A – We use a range of glass, depending on the levels of security, safety, sound proofing and energy efficiency that are required, plus we can use sandblasted glass for privacy.

Q - I only have a minor problem with my window. Can you help?

A – We can offer you the complete range of window services from the draught seal and overhaul of one window to replacing all the windows in your entire building.

Q - I am looking to sell my house, and need to know how much value the replacement of my windows will add to the value of my home. Can you help?

A – There’s usually no doubt that if your home’s sash windows are in need of replacement, then having them replaced will add value to your home. In some cases customers have told us that our work was directly responsible for achieving the sale of their home – particularly where there were old aluminium or uPVC windows installed previously.

Q - How can I engage with your services?

A – All you need to do is contact us. Phone Wandsworth Sash Windows on 0207 924 7303, or send us a message through our contact form by clicking here.