As a company dedicated to crafting bespoke products for our customers, we ensure that every door or window we produce is perfect for its intended use. One way we add a unique touch is by offering various types of glass. These options can be incorporated into any door or window we manufacture, tailored to your specific preferences.

Acoustic Glass – Technical Information

To reduce noise levels inside your property, especially if it’s near busy roads, acoustic glass can make a significant difference. For maximum effectiveness, we ensure our windows have the largest possible depth to accommodate thicker acoustic glass. Therefore, we only install acoustic glass when completely replacing sash and casement windows.


Technical Specification:

  • 8.8mm acoustic glass
  • 12mm Argon gas-filled warm edge spacer bar
  • 4mm clear glass

This results in a 24.8mm acoustic double-glazed unit. The 12mm Argon gas-filled spacer bar between the panes not only provides double glazing but also enhances thermal properties and soundproofing.



  • The 8.8mm acoustic glass consists of two 4mm glass sheets with two 0.4mm polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layers.


Noise Reduction:

  • Average London street noise: 60 dB
  • Noise over 45 dB can disrupt sleep
  • 1mm of acoustic glass reduces noise by 1 dB
  • A 10 dB reduction is perceived as halving the noise by the human ear

Benefits of Acoustic Glass

  • Noise Reduction: Acoustic glass significantly lowers noise levels inside your property
  • Security: Extremely difficult to break through, acoustic glass enhances home safety. The PVB layer bonds the glass, preventing it from shattering into large, sharp pieces
  • Thermal Efficiency: Installed as part of a double-glazed unit, acoustic glass reduces heat loss, leading to lower energy bills
  • Property Value: Acoustic glass is an attractive feature for potential homebuyers, boosting your property’s market appeal

Safety Glass

There are two main types of safety glass: laminated glass and toughened glass.

  • Laminated Glass: This type of glass is held together with interlayers, preventing it from shattering even when broken. It is popular in public buildings and high-traffic areas due to its enhanced safety
  • Toughened Glass: Undergoing a heat treatment process, toughened glass is stronger than normal glass. When broken, it breaks into chunks rather than splintering, reducing the risk of injury. We can provide advice on when toughened glass is necessary and offer additional details

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    Bespoke Glass Options from Leamington Timber Windows

    At Leamington Timber Windows, we craft our doors and windows from scratch and install the glass ourselves, ensuring we use the right type of glass for your needs. Choosing a bespoke glazing system offers several benefits:

    • Reduces unwanted noise
    • Keeps your property warmer
    • Lowers the risk of glass breakage
    • Enhances safety if the glass does break

    In some cases, regulations require specific types of glass. Our team can provide advice and information on any applicable guidelines. Just ask, and we’ll guide you through the requirements.

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